Welcome to KaKam Shop. The Online Store for your Online Shopping and Services.

Buy your Goods from KaKam Shop! Use our Booking Form to make your Booking for whatsoever Services you require to be handled by KaKam Shop which includes but not limited to; Hotel Reservation, Land/Property Inspection, Cable Installation, Waste Management, Computer/Phones Repairs, Freight Forwarding, Laundry/Dry Cleaning, Industrial/Home Sanitation, Make Up Artistes, Fashion Designing/Sewing, Hairdressing, Barbers, Building Engineers, Indoor/Outdoor Catering, Mobile Money Agents and all kinds of Ticket Bookings (Football Matches, Flight, Cinemas, Red Carpet events etc).

All Manufactures, Producers, Importers, Traders, Distributors, Suppliers, Sales Agents and Wholesalers willing to show case their Product to the World are kindly requested to send their product(s) pictures and prices via this Whatsapp number 08170088104.

All Service Providers willing to showcase their Services to the World are kindly requested to send their Details via this Whatsapp number 08170088104

At Kakam Shop, we believe that Buying and Selling is ALWAYS a thing of JOY!.

No cause for alarm. Feel free to browse products in the Store and place your Order(s). Relate with us to provide Services to you. Relax as we bring your product and /or your Service provider to your doorstep for a reasonable fee. Payment for Order is made on Delivery. Payment for Service is after Service is provided.

Your views, observations and comments is of utmost importance to us because without you, there is no reason for KaKam Shop. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below.

KaKam Shop ..Relax & Shop with Ease!

KaKam Shop ..Service Delivery with Ease!

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  1. Kakam stores….known to sell quality goods and also render u a good service….try us today…

  2. KAKAM stores is really the best…….. Seeing is believing, excellent services confirmed.
    :Kudos!!! to KAKAM stores
    Oru nation is a GO!!!

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