Scoot Away Soft Chews (For Dogs)

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Scoot Away Soft Chews for Dogs With Digestive Enzymes & Prebiotics. VitaFiber & Pumpkin. Dandelion Root for No Scoots. Anal Gland Sac & Bowel Support. For Dog Gas & Constipation. 90 Chew Treats

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Scoot Away Soft Chews

  • KEEP YOUR CANINE SCOOT FREE – Zesty Paws Scoot Away Bites are soft chews that feature VitaFiber and a blend of Pumpkin, Mineral Oil, Dandelion Root, and Bromelain to support anal gland health, bowel function, and stomach comfort for dogs.
  • ENHANCED WITH VitaFiber – This dog formula features VitaFiber, a plant based source of dietary fiber and Prebiotics. At 500 mg per chew, VitaFiber promotes beneficial intestinal bacteria for digestion and bowel support.
  • PROMOTES ANAL GLAND HEALTH – To stop floor scooting, Scoot Away Bites are made with minerals & healthy bacteria to help proper stool & digestive functions for anal gland support.
  • PREBIOTIC & DIGESTIVE ENZYME SUPPORT – For constipation, gas, and bloating from digestive problems, Scoot Away Bites are made with Prebiotic Fiber and Bromelain to support healthy gut flora, stomach comfort, and proper GI function.
  • ANTI SCOOT BOWEL MOVEMENT – Each chew contains pumpkin to support gland health and stool movement. Plus, this formula has Mineral Oil and Dandelion Root, which work as a lubricating laxative that coats the digestive tract to soften stool.


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