CHAKTEM Cocoyam Chips

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CHAKTEM Cocoyam Chips Thinking of a better Cocoyam chips? Think of CHAKTEM Cocoyam Chips!. Cocoyam has starch an excellent source of carbohydrate. It also contains dietary fibre and higher protein contents than the majority of the tropical root crops. CHAKTEM Cocoyam Chips can be for home consumption, offices and Parties.

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CHAKTEM Cocoyam Chips

Is wholly made from Cocoyam. Cocoyam is a root food that boast of many benefits for a healthy living. It has properties that prevent, fight and cure many diseases. CHAKTEM Cocoyam Chips is fried in Groundnut Oil and Salt to taste. Enjoy your chips, Crispy and crunchy, relish the goodness of CHAKTEM Cocoyam Chips.


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